Loveable Luisa


Inspired by the hilarious and loveable food and lifestyle photographer Luisa Brimble. This friggin amazing gift pack is everything Luisa loves with a sip here and taste there, all whilst enjoying a quick read from our good friends at SomeKind. The best thing is that this particular gift supports the Covid-stricken hospitality industry. Meaning that it's a Good Day for you and a Good Day for businesses that really need some love.

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

SomeKind Tom McHugo’s Our Food Family

Is there such a thing as the perfect pub? If so, we reckon Tom McHugo’s might just fit the bill. In this book the much-loved local shines a spotlight on some of the Tassie legends who make up their extended food family, telling their stories and showcasing their exceptional produce with a collection of over 20 clever carefully curated recipes that deliver the goods in signature McHugo’s style. It’s pub food but not as you know it. And we want IN.

Hey Tiger Chocolate

Summer in the City Chocolate: (95g) Hey Tiger makes it a Good Day as they help fund female-led community development projects in Ghana. Summer in the City has peanut butter whipped into milk chocolate and crowned with crazy good pretzel praline and crushed roasted peanuts. A bar inspired by The City That Never Sleeps.

And Chill: (95g) And Chill is crazy delicious and raring to meet you on the couch for a night in. Dark salted cocoa crumb and roasted macadamia in glorious white chocolate.

Ready For It: (85g) Strawberries splashed with balsamic in dark chocolate, then spiked with cocoa nibs. Are you ready for it?  

Bottl(ed): Seasonal

(100ml) Handcrafted cocktails that will rock your world. bottl(ed) by Ed himself, these cocktails are srsly good! With a variety of constant banging new cocktails coming in seasonally, like underwear, they change regularly.

Love Can Gin & Tonic x 2

Finally, a bar-quality G&T in a can. With punchy juniper-forward gin -locally distilled in Sydney - and subtle hints of bergamot, grapefruit, premium cinchona, this isn’t just a one night stand, it’s a love for the ages. A romance you can take home to the family, take to the movies - take anywhere.

Nuts-About Garlic & Rosemary Cashews

No bits, no bobs, just nuts. Small batch roasted cashews flavoured with garlic and rosemary. Cooked, freshly delivered, these are crazy addictive. You’ve been warned my friend!

Falwasser Natural Charcoal Crispbread

A cracker of a cracker! It’s the perfect base upon which to construct your cheese platter. Crafted with cheese lovers in mind, these are versatile and flavoursome.

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