Dependable Dave Gift Hamper


(Vegan) Dependable Dave has always said, “Father’s Day is the only day in the year designed to be as fun as life was before kids.” Whether that’s true or not we will let you decide! Dependable Dave is the ultimate gift for the beer-drinking lover of dad jokes. This is sure to level up your gift hamper game.

All our gift hampers come with complimentary cards containing your personalised gift message. 


Zytho Brewing Zesty Pale Ale
A crisp, sessionable craft beer with lively citrus and passionfruit notes. Balanced light bitterness makes it easy-drinking. Perfect for pairing with pizza, BBQ, burgers, or chocolatey desserts.

Bucketty's Tawny Grogmouth: A limited edition Mild Ale made in collaboration with The Tawny Frogmouth & Local Artist Brentos to support Sydney Wildlife Rescue!

Freshwater Brewing Company Hazy Pale
The name of a secret break in Freshie, this beer is the new local's favourite. FBC threw a load at it, giving it a big citrus aroma and a tropical flavour complimenting a smooth, pale backbone. Finishing dry, this is a beer that you can return to again and again.

Freshwater Brewing Company Freshie Pils
FBC's New World Pilsner brewed for mellow days in Freshie. They've used the finest ingredients from their mates at Gladfield Malt and have combined that with traditional European brewing processes. This beer will serve stone fruit and citrus flavours from Hallertau Blanc and Mandarin Bavaria hops.

Bahen & Co Guatemala Chocolate

These guys make stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. Impressed? Wait, there is more! They exceed Fair Trade standards by paying prices which respect farmers. You will find flavours of cookie dough, banana & soft caramel tones. Get in my belly!

Fleurieu Olives

Grown in the McLaren Vale region, these juicy olives have a fruity flavour and meaty texture. These plump beauties are your best friends for entertaining.

Nuts-About  Garlic & Rosemary Cashews

No bits, no bobs, just nuts. Small batch roasted cashews flavoured with garlic and rosemary. Cooked, freshly delivered, these are crazy addictive. You’ve been warned my friend!

Falwasser Natural Charcoal Crispbread

A cracker of a cracker! It’s the perfect base upon which to construct your cheese platter. Crafted with cheese lovers in mind, these are versatile and flavoursome.

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