Relaxed Rachel


Breathe in, breathe out. Namaste in bed for the rest of the day. The ultimate self-care pack for working from home or just having some RnR. Relaxed Rachel will help melt the stress away.

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

Altina Alcohol-Free Cocktail

(750ml) Some of the best things in life are free - just like this alcohol free cocktail! Altina captures the essence of natural ingredients, without relying on excess sugar, fruit juices, or artificial colours and flavours - eww! Serve chilled with accompanying garnishes - oh so fancy!

Good Night Co USB Diffuser

Feeling stressed? Tired? Unenergised? Well, let this mini portable USB diffuser fill your house or office with smells of joy, rainbows and sunshine. All the things that make it a Good Day!

Good Night Co Essential Oil

Start your day right with the Good Morning Blend. Combining eucalyptus and peppermint to awaken the senses, mandarin to lift your energy and lemongrass to refresh and revive, you’ll feel ready to face whatever the day brings you.

Mixed Bag Original Chai

(250g) Mixed Bag Original Chai Blend uses authentic Assam tea leaves, eight of the finest quality masala spices combined with fresh Aussie ginger, all naturally preserved in vanilla infused Victorian stringy bark honey.

Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk

(75g) These guys make stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. Impressed? Wait, there is more… they exceed Fair Trade standards by paying prices which respect farmers. This bar has slow-roasted Australian Macadamias drizzled with Jarrah honey in this block of organic milk chocolate.

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