Lavish Lizzie Gift Hamper


With handcrafted pasta and small batch sauces that transport your taste buds to Italy. Lizzie from Saturday Night Pasta is a culinary icon and gluten enthusiast. So, cook carbs and bon appetit. The ultimate gift hamper to make it a Good Day!

All our gift hampers come complimentary cards to include your personalised gift message.

Saturday Night Pasta Pipette

Italian for little pipes - a short, rounded, ridged pasta. Made from Australian durum wheat semolina, this pasta will catch sauce in all its curves and crevices. Yum!

Saturday Night Pasta Home Base Sauce

Tomato and basil, it works! They belong together like you belong with Lavish Lizzie. This is SNP's base for all kinds of sauces. Ready to enjoy as is, or build on it your way.

A Glass Of (Wine) x 2

Try a glass of something new - wines from Australia's best independent winemakers, curated by sommeliers from restaurants you love. Delivered by the glass, A Glass Of uses foil-lined pouches which are better for preserving the quality of wine and more sustainable than glass bottles.

Mount Zero Olives

A signature blend of Mixed Olives all dressed up in a fresh and zesty marinade of lemon thyme and citrus zest.

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