Perky Pam


'Always give 100% unless you’re giving blood’, is Pam’s motto. Generous in nature and always smiling, Pam is the perfect gift for that person you actually like or maybe, dare we say it - love!

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

Maison Blanche Candle

They say happiness is the smell of scented candles and Maison Blanche is no exception. These hand poured, plant-based candles will be sure to bring a smile to your face every time they get lit!

004 Bergamot and Tobacco: A sophisticated fragrance of uplifting bergamot, vetiver and orange zest with smokey notes of sweet tobacco leaf and vanilla. Whoever said tobacco was bad for you?

005 Vanilla and Cacao: No, no! This is not just another vanilla candle. With dark chocolate cacao and roasted hazelnuts combined with velvety aromas of vanilla, jasmine and white musk, this fragrance will fill your house with decadence.

Taylor & Smith Cocktails x 4

(100ml) Taylor and Smith is an independent artisan distillery in Hobart and is in high spirits - always! Sealed and dipped in wax, these cocktails taste better than they look... and boy do they look good! Enjoy responsibly because one just isn’t enough!

Taylor & Smith Gin

(500ml) Taylor and Smith is an independent artisan distillery in Hobart and is in high spirits - always! Using only Huon Valley apples, 17 botanicals, and water that comes from a lake of snowmelt at Mt Field National Park, this gin is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. 

Fleurieu Olives

(100g) Grown in the McLaren Vale region, these juicy olives have a fruity flavour and meaty texture. These plump beauties are your best friends for entertaining.

Hey Tiger Fairy Wings Chocolate

(85g) Hey Tiger makes it a Good Day as they help fund female-led community development projects in Ghana. Making a milk vegan bar has been a goal for the team! And how else would they celebrate their first vegan milk than with delicious fairy bread! YUUUM!

Mr and Mrs White Cowhide Coasters x 4

These cowhide coasters are like nothing else. Handmade, using only the best hides from a NZ tannerie, these coasters will make you cooler than a cucumber. Do remember leather is unique and no hide is the same (even if they’re twins) so each coaster will vary in appearance.

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