Beachy Bella


Summer means good times and tan lines, according to Beachy Bella. This ultimate summer gift pack is for the sun-seekers. Cheers and here’s to being tanned and tipsy!

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

Seltzers x 3

Well there’s nothing dirty about this Seltzer except for it’s name! Using gluten-free grain, real fruit and natural flavours, this refreshing alcoholic seltzer is only 90 cals and less than 1g of sugar per can! More of a reason to drink more, right?

Poor Toms Cans x 2

Gin & Tonic: Finally, a bar-quality G&T in a can. A very junipery gin with subtle hints of lemon, grapefruit, and cinchona. A bar-quality classic cocktail lovingly made from all natural ingredients.

Negroni Spritz: A perfect romance of Poor Toms Strawberry Gin, Poor Toms Imbroglio Amaro, and tangy Mildura lemons. With the complexity, depth, and balance of a Negroni coupled with the lightness of a spritz, this is a simple drink, made complicated, made simple again.

Turkish Towel

Made from 100% cotton, this quick drying turkish towel is all about good times and tan lines. Great by the beach, pool or bathroom, this towel will probably be your best summer friend.

Good Day Chocolate

We've collaborated with Winnow Chocolates based in the Blue Mountains of Sydney to bring you Good Day Chocolate! Say hello to Summer Daze. Organic white chocolate splattered with berry and crispy meringue shards. Summer is here to stay!

We Feel Good Sunscreen

Our body is our temple, or our adventure vehicle! This signature sunscreen lotion is SPF 50+ and will keep your skin covered whilst you chase your adventure. Reef safe, non-greasy, and up to 4 hours water resistant, this sunscreen is perfect for your skin.


Fancy fairy floss that will ruin all future fairy floss experiences. Luscious and lighter than a feather, this premium floss is the tits! The best part is that it’s handmade in Sydney from locally sourced sugars. Flavour included may change seasonally.

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