Minxy Mitch Gift Hamper


We’ve all met Minxy Mitch, in fact, he’s probably already flirted with you. Mitch is that perfect combination of sweet and sexy. Swipe right on a good night. The ultimate gift hamper to make it a Good Day!

All our gift hampers come with complimentary cards that contain your personalised gift message.

A Glass Of (Wine) x 2

Try a glass of something new - wines from Australia's best independent winemakers, curated by sommeliers from restaurants you love. Delivered by the glass, A Glass Of uses foil-lined pouches which are better for preserving the quality of wine and more sustainable than glass bottles.

Black Blaze Seaweed Candle

Inspired by Australian nature, Black Blaze is pure opulence. Crafted from high-quality beeswax, the Seaweed Candle emanates a warm and inviting glow that creates a cozy atmosphere.

Bahen & Co Chocolate

These guys make stone ground chocolate from bean to bar. Impressed? Wait, there is more… they exceed Fair Trade standards by paying prices which respect farmers. 

Frenchie Oh La La Water-based Love Lube

This natural, water-based lube gives you a sensual, velvety, smooth feeling. It helps moisturising and lubricating to make sexy times easier and better. You may not need it, but have you ever tried to eat a baguette without butter?

Frenchie The Beret Condom x 12

Size doesn’t matter, but at 0.05mm, these ultra thin condoms let you get up close and personal, while keeping everyone protected. Simple and Safe.

Frenchie The Beret Condoms + Hyaluronic Acid x 3

With the classic famous Beret Condom, the clever people at Frenchie have incorporated a water-based Hyaluronic Acid lubricant, because friction is one ‘F’ word that has no place in the bedroom.

Frenchie Le Masque and Lovers' Dice Set

Frenchie Le Masque is made from 100% natural mulberry silk. Luxe and glam, this mask is a one size fits all. The Lovers' Dice Set is a fun game that adds a little extra spark for a spicy night.

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