You know what makes buying him a present really difficult? When he, himself, can’t give you any suggestions as for what he wants. Whoever ‘he’ is to you; your partner, brother, Dad, friend…we bet if you’ve ever asked him what he wants for, say, Christmas or his birthday, it’s been met with an uninterested but conclusive “dunno”.

So where do you turn from there? If you’re across the agenda of marketing even loosely, you know where this is going. We didn’t have you land on our site to turn you away, did we? No, as Good Day People, we work hard to live up to our name! And guess what? That includes giving you a gift emporium to come visit for every ‘him’ in your life who cannot tell you what he wants!

In order to sell the idea of hampers for him, though, we do require something of you (and him). We require you to unlearn every notion you’ve ever upheld of what a hamper is, and disassociate every item you’ve ever felt is part and parcel of what makes up a hamper.

In ours, you will find something utterly surprising: contents that people will actually enjoy receiving! Still a bit dubious? We’ll run you through some of the fly AF small businesses we work with to bring you only quality goods in your hamper! We would stake a Manly Mark gift hamper on the fact you’ve heard of at least a few!

- Minimum
- Bahen & Co
- Fluffe
- Poor Tom
- Wondaree
- Drunken Sailor
- Pablo & Rusty
- Misty

Part of your unlearning escapade will include the assumption that hampers are only a suitable gift for women. Imagine us living up to our name so completely that not only is there a collection of hampers that will unquestionably appeal to men, but you’ll actually be spoilt for choice trying to find the right one for him!

For example, the Handy Andy hamper has a bit of this and a bit of that - nothing that will aid in his handiness - but plenty if happy hour at home is his idea of a good time! With Four Pillars gin, Midnight Mixers tonic, Bahen & Co chocolate, and Mount Zero olives among its contents , it’s practically a meal in a tube. There’s plenty handy about that!

And if that doesn’t spin his tires, maybe Terrific Tony is the way to go! White Possum whisky, Little Greeves chilli oil, Tiger Buck beef jerky, Huff & Puff pork crackle, and Bahen & Co milk chocolate make for a salty, spicy, sweet sensation! Every taste bud on his tongue will thank you.

The Beery Barry gift hamper will appeal to many men purely because it contains what it says it does: BEER. No reading between the lines here! He is the perfect hamper for the guy who will take a tinnie to the shower with him, and can open a bottle of beer with his keys!

Hampers for him is a revolutionary concept that we would like to see normalised - because face it, vouchers are tired (unless they’re from Bunnings!). We would like to see socks and undies banished from underneath the Christmas tree, and replaced with any of our fabulous hampers.

Go check out our selection of hampers for him. We promise, there’s a Good Day for you and for him in any one of them! And in the very extremely unlikely case that you can’t spot a find that would light his fire on site, reach out and we’ll see what we can do!

You may as well go ahead and bookmark this site now - we know you’ll be back!