If you have ever in your life bought a woman a gift, you have surely worked out the complexities of gift giving. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Valentines Day, the caveats are the same: Include the receipt in the gift bag, or await the screenshot of what the item is and where it can be bought from.

Women seem to have a natural flair for knowing what to get who, so for the most part, this one’s for the boys.

We know…you’d rather light yourself on fire twice than embark on a trip to what can only be described as the epicentre of hell at Christmas time: the Westfield car park. Here is where the rubber of being your self-entitled Good Day People hits the road. Let us roll the red carpet (read: carpet, not car park), straight to our various collections of hampers; each one containing many luxury gift hampers for her to post directly to Instagram, with glowing remarks about what a good partner, sibling, parent or friend you are! If it makes Instagram, you know you’ve won the gift giving

It’s mission impossible, suddenly possible. No queues, no car parks, no tug-of-wars over coveted gifts, à la the meet cute of any Christmas movie made in the 90s/early aughts.

These aren't your ordinary hampers. So if you're expecting the normal basket-fillers: shortbread, non-descript chocolate, a box of Lipton tea that you already had in the back of the cupboard anyway, prepare to be un-disappointed! Not only have we eliminated the useless crap, but we’ve eliminated the baskets themselves. Because hi! WHO EVER USED THOSE?! It’s 2023 and a basket serves no purpose, except, perhaps, to keep your spare toilet paper contained…if your interior decorating skills have you that way inclined.

Our inclination toward tubular ‘hampers’ has, quite frankly, contemporary appeal in mind! I challenge you to find any other hamper business who delivers the contents within a funky fresh cylindrical package. Or with your company’s logo on the tube. And if you wanna recycle it to give a present to someone else, who are we to stop you? Good Days don’t have to be limited to one recipient!

When a woman’s love language is effort (a lesson men have all learnt the hard way!), you only stand to win by taking the time to pick out a hamper that best suits its recipient. Because sure, you could follow the very specific directives given by your Mum/sister/partner, but so could she! There are far more brownie points to be won by going rogue…and getting it right!

All that said, if you are not confident in narrowing down your choices in a luxury gift hamper for her down to one, let us help you out with a Good Day People gift card. You can choose from our pre-determined dollar value, or pick your own. She can shop for herself, and you can sit back knowing you've nailed it!

If your reason for purchasing a Good Day People hamper happens to be a repetitive occurrence, we’ve made this real easy for you, with a subscription service available for you to opt in to. Leave the remembering to us, and get all the credit for it!

So whatever time of year it is, avoid the shops, and the very likely possibility that you will pick the wrong gift for her, and head straight to the collection of hampers on site. A luxury gift hamper for her awaits you…all you have to do is choose it!

Good luck, and may the force be with you!