Have you ever had an occasion come up that doesn’t require you to bring a gift, but you'd be judged beyond all reason if you didn’t? Like meeting your partner’s parents for the first time, or attending a dinner party that your friends have spent all day prepping for?

Think Cadbury Favourites’ what to bring when you’re told not to bring a thing. And like a box of Cadbury Favourites, we’ve got nothing but variety in store. Unlike a box of the supermarket’s most frequently discounted chocolates, we haven’t got any hampers that are as discarded as the ever-polarising Turkish Delight (not that we know of, anyway).

Shall we take a look at some of our best-selling hampers, for the awkward don’t bring a gift but don’t not bring a gift occasions? These are the tried and true, most frequently bought and highly reviewed of our ever-growing collections. Consider them the Crunchies, Picnics, Twirls and Caramellos of our range!

As the quintessential self-care package, Soulful Sally is a no-brainer as a gift that will serve its purpose for its recipient! Whether it’s a gift box for him or her, contents that include a bottle of Minimum wine, Bahen & Co chocolate, and Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub, are a direct instruction for them to do something they might otherwise not: relax!

In the lead up to Christmas, Mistletoe Mike is the perfect hamper to bring the hosts of any events that arise. It’s perfectly on theme with a Christmas pudding, Animus Gin Bauble, Bahen & Co chocolate inside!

Nothing funny about Humorous Henry’s ability to impress! You’re going straight to the top of somebody’s favourite list, with a bottle of gin (or non-alcoholic spirit), 2x Midnight Mixers tonics, a Travel candle, Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, and a Makoto jigger.

Coffee is a love language we all speak (unless you suffer from heart issues)! So whether you‘re after a gift box for him or her, Brewing Braden is a guaranteed pleaser! 2x Mr Black Espresso Martini’s, Bahen & Co Colombian coffee chocolate make for a caffeine-fiend’s delight. The Travel candle is to encourage the zen amidst the coffee jitters!

Addictive Alex is kinda the whole selection of Cadbury Favourites in the one package! The hamper includes Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, Wondaree macadamias, Mount Zero olives, Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, and Misty’s Salted Caramel.

Warm Whitney is a winter-lover’s delight! ‘Cause believe it or not, not everybody relishes a 38 degree celsius, 88% humidity kinda day! Sitting cosily in our best sellers with a bottle of Minimum red wine, Bahen & Co House Blend chocolate, a Mulled Wine kit, and a Travel candle, this hamper wants nothing more than to see you curled up by a fire with a good book!

Give someone a gift hamper like Peckish Peter, and we’ll bet the recipient has never received a gift like it in their life! A block of Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, Tiger Buck beef jerky, a Taylor & Smith cocktail and Huff & Puff pork crackle make this the Moro of the collection; it’s not the first you’d pick, but you’ve got an undeniable fondness for it once you do!

Many Guinea pigs (we call them ‘customers’), have gone before you to test out hampers from our many collections, as worthy gifts for their intended recipients! Thanks to them, you now have a best sellers collection to choose from, in order to guarantee success in the art of gift-giving, whatever the occasion and whomever the recipient! Choose from within it, or go rogue with a hamper from another collection.

We reckon there's a Good Day in store for them whichever direction you go!