Anyone living in Oz knows this POV well: it’s the middle of winter (granted, not as chilly and sub-zero-ey as other parts of the world get), and you are doom scrolling through your Instagram feed, watching who you can easily convince yourself is everyone you know from every stage of life in Europe, staring out (and making sure to post about) their panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Unlike your frivolous friends, you have a mortgage to pay off. ‘Cause not everyone can go galavanting around Europe on a whim!

Adult life, amiright?

So sure, you don’t find yourself halfway across the world lapping up the sun that’s directed its attention on Europe and Mexico and — if you should be so lucky — the Maldives at this time of year. Instead, you’re skipping Pump class this morning, pulling the doona up over your head and, when you do eventually get up out of bed, threading your arms through the sleeves of a cropped denim jacket; perhaps the only extra layer needed in our not-so frosty winters.

If free business class tickets to any of the aforementioned destinations are what you’re after, exit stage left now! We are Good Day People, not great day people! However. While we may not have you in any of the restaurants that come highly rated on Tripadvisor, we can help out your budget with hampers that, if you squint your eyes really tightly, can make you feel like you are in the country that its contents were inspired to resemble!

So keep up your mortgage repayments (and your New Year’s resolution to be better with money) and grab one of our international-themed hampers, for an experience that will feel like a holiday and a mature response to cozzie livs!

Whether it’s hampers for him, her, or yourself that you’re after, here’s a few to scratch anyone’s travel bug itch:

So you can’t afford to be posing within fields of sunflowers in Tuscany, but a Bellissimo Belinda gift hamper will make you feel like you’re there anyway (again: you may have to squint really hard). She’s full to the brim with Babo Prosecco, L’Abruzzese Squid Ink Spaghetti, Bippi Italian chilli, Mount Zero olives, and Messina Chocolate Hazelnut spread. Chef’s kiss!

Tokyo Todd will make you feel like you’re right there in the busting metropolis of Japan, without actually being in the bustling metropolis of Japan! Whether it’s hampers for him or her that you’re after, this one’s gonna be a crowd-pleaser, with two cans of StrangeLove Yuzu sodas, Ferm Living Sekki cup, Meru Miso Powder, Toji Junmai Ginjo, and Bahen & Co Macadamia Milk Chocolate.

If it’s a party in the USA you’re after, without the three layovers required to get there, then pick up a Yankee Frankie gift hamper instead! Filled wiith all things bad for you: Tiger Buck beef jerky, Wondaree macadamias, Fluffe fairy floss, Good Day chocolate, and Huff & Puff pork crackle. The only thing we can’t do is supersize it for you!

No need to see people on overseas getaways in order to feel major FOMO - there’s enough going on in this country to scratch the travel itch at all times! Whilst domestic travel is not within reach, reach for our Aussie Ash gift hamper instead! We’ve used this hamper to shine a light on some incredible First Nations businesses, including products such as Tasteology Lemon Myrtle syrup, Indigiearth Saltbush dukkah, two cans of Tasmanian Tonic Water, and Four Pillars Dry Gin.

No need to hop on a plane to live as the other half (of the world) do! Lessen the travel FOMO for yourself or someone else with a Good Day People international-themed hamper!