Black Friday 2023: The Perfect Time to Discover Good Day People's Luxury Gift Hampers

Black Friday 2023: The Perfect Time to Discover Good Day People's Luxury Gift Hampers

As the days grow shorter and the holiday season approaches, it's time to start thinking about the perfect Christmas gifts. This is the season of joy, togetherness, and the act of giving. If you're searching for a unique and thoughtful present that transcends the ordinary, look no further than Good Day People. As we embrace the festive spirit and the excitement of Black Friday 2023, you have the opportunity to explore a world of exquisite gift baskets at incredible prices.

Good Day People’s Black Friday 2023 Gift boxes offer an incredible selection of gifts that will bring joy and delight to your loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a special surprise for your partner, a token of appreciation for a colleague, or simply want to treat yourself with something special, Good Day People has the perfect hamper for you.

Good Day People's Story: Where It All Began

Before we dive into the thrilling details of our Black Friday offerings, let's take a moment to share the heartwarming story of Good Day People. We believe every company has a unique journey that defines its values and ethos. Ours is a funny, endearing tale filled with love, dedication, and a dash of serendipity.

It all began during the first-ever lockdown when we discovered a gap in the world of gifting. We yearned for boutique yet affordable gifts that were not bound by gender, and most importantly, gifts that were far more entertaining and stylish than the conventional cellophane-wrapped wicker baskets filled with cliché shortbread or classic Nanna soaps (though we must admit, we have a soft spot for Nan's favourites). At this point, we were six weeks engaged, with no immediate plans to tie the knot, all while navigating the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With an abundance of time, a plethora of homemade sourdough bread, and a spare cupboard that had the potential to house a small business, the idea of Good Day People was born. Our initial goal was simple - to sell a hamper a day within the first year. Little did we know, this modest dream would flourish into a thriving reality. As we celebrated our one-year anniversary, we looked back in awe, having sold over 12,000 Good Day People gifts.

Now, happily married (with no honeymoon babies in sight), we are incredibly thankful to our generous community. This community, made up of individuals from all walks of life, has made every day a "Good Day" for over 43,000 people across the globe. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of you for being part of this small business journey with us.

The Good Day People Experience: Our Values

At Good Day People, we hold steadfast to our values, which guide our every decision. These values shape the essence of our brand and the essence of every gift we curate:

  • Quality Over Quantity: Our commitment to curating exceptional products that we adore sets us apart.

  • Being a Force for Good: We are here to inspire generosity and brighten days, one "Good Day" at a time.

  • Championing Australian: We proudly support the best Australian makers, distillers, producers, and creatives, contributing to the growth of local businesses.

  • Thinking Outside of the Box: Creativity is at the core of what we do, ensuring your gifts stand out from the rest.

    It is almost time for Black Friday 2023, and the anticipation is palpable! With so much choice on the market, finding the perfect gift can be difficult with such amazing deals. At Good Day Hampers, we strive to make your shopping experience easier by offering high quality products that we adore.

    We are committed to curating exceptional gifts with a focus on uniqueness and quality over quantity.

This is the story of Good Day People, where passion meets purpose, and gifting is transformed into an art form. We are driven by the desire to redefine corporate gifting, EOY presents, and Christmas gift hampers, making each one a unique and personalised experience.

For Black Friday 2023, Good Day People is proud to present our newest range of gift hampers! Our in-house team of creative designers and curators have worked tirelessly to bring you the perfect mix of thoughtful gifts, hand-picked items, and unique experiences that are sure to surprise and delight your special someone.

Our Black Friday 2023 gift hampers come with a

Black Friday 2023 at Good Day People

Now, let's delve into the excitement of Black Friday 2023 at Good Day People. From the 25th of November to the 28th of November, we invite you to explore a world of extraordinary savings on our luxury gift hampers. As the holiday season fast approaches, you'll find the perfect Christmas hamper for your loved ones, all while enjoying discounts of up to 20% off.

Luxury Christmas Hampers for Everyone

Whether you're on the hunt for a foodie's dream hamper, packed full of delectable treats, or a pamper hamper designed to help your loved ones relax and unwind, Good Day People has a diverse array of options to suit every preference. This is the moment to experience the joy of gifting like never before, and we're here to make it extraordinary.

Black Friday at Good Day People: A Glimpse of What's in Store

During our Black Friday sale, you'll have the opportunity to explore a wide range of gift hampers, each meticulously curated to represent the essence of the holiday season. Let's take a sneak peek at some of the exciting categories you can expect:

  1. Gourmet Delights: Dive into a world of culinary delights, where hampers are brimming with gourmet food, premium wine, French champagne, and other delectable treats. Perfect for the food connoisseurs in your life.

  2. Pampering Luxuries: For those who deserve a little extra self-care, our pampering hampers are designed to create a sanctuary of relaxation. Filled with spa-quality products and soothing essentials, these hampers make the perfect EOY presents for friends and family.

  3. Australian Artisans: Experience the richness of Australian craftsmanship and creativity with hampers that exclusively feature products from local makers, distillers, and producers. Championing Australian talent has never been more delightful.

  4. Custom Creations: The art of personalised gifting is elevated to new heights with our custom hamper creations. Tailor your gifts with a custom message, unique items, or even incorporate your brand's identity to make your corporate gifts truly unforgettable.

The beauty of Good Day People's Black Friday sale lies in the variety of options. No matter the recipient's preferences or the nature of the occasion, you'll find a hamper that resonates with the essence of the moment.

Embracing the Spirit of Gifting

The act of giving holds a profound place in our hearts. It is an expression of love, appreciation, and gratitude. At Good Day People, we believe that the art of corporate gifting, EOY presents, and Christmas hampers goes beyond the transactional; it is a strategic tool for fostering strong relationships and brand recognition.

By choosing Good Day People for your corporate gifts and EOY presents, you harness the power of memorable gifts that leave a lasting impact on clients, partners, and employees. Our corporate gift hampers are crafted to embody both sophistication and playfulness, ensuring they resonate with diverse tastes and preferences.

Join Us This Black Friday

As the festive season approaches and the anticipation of gift-giving grows, let Good Day People be your partner in creating memorable moments. Our Black Friday sale is your gateway to extraordinary savings on luxury gift hampers.

In our mission to redefine corporate gifting, EOY presents, and Christmas gift boxes, we invite you to celebrate the art of giving in its purest form. Join us during Black Friday 2023, from the 25th of November to the 28th of November, and explore the endless possibilities of gifting.

In closing, we extend our gratitude to you for being part of the Good Day People community. We believe that every day can be a "Good Day," and it's our joy to share that belief with you. Stay connected with us to access exclusive Good Day deals and fun updates, and let's make this holiday season an extraordinary one.

Wishing you a season of joy, love, and memorable gifts.

With warmest regards,

Jacob & SJ, Co-Founders of Good Day People