To The New Mums, We Salute You!

Being a new mum can be a pretty lonely experience. You’re awake at silly hours, haven’t showered in a few days, and all of your clothes are caked in at least four bodily fluids (none of them yours). And thanks to ya boy COVID, now mums don’t even get to share their woes with friends or in mothers’ group! Thanks again COVID, you’ve been great...

Here at Good Day People, we don’t think socially distant means you have to be emotionally distant. And there is no better way to give a metaphorical hug than with one of our new mum hampers specifically designed for those in the thick of it. Whether it be a non-alcoholic cocktail (nine months without a drink is impressive in and of itself!) or a snug muslin wrap so that bub stays asleep for a few more hours (please God), we’ve got every possible need covered.

1 - Doula Tula

The first things that will catch the eye of an exhausted mama will be the Altina non-alcoholic cocktail, and the stone-ground chocolate with raspberries layered with rose petals. Pair these two, and mama can sit back on a Friday night and be reminded that she is her own person who deserves special things. She is more than just a mum (impressive as this is!). Our organic Australian made Belly Oil is designed to help reduce stretch marks (although in our opinion stretch marks are a mark of strength!) and will help mama feel like herself again. Lastly, we throw a few things in to keep bub entertained. You can’t put a price on a chilled out baby.

2 - Pregnant Polly

Here is something that we think doesn’t get enough airtime: Breastfeeding can be tricky! So, we’ve put together something pretty special to make boobtime a breeze! Our Made to Milk cookie mix is the perfect way to support lactation. The extra kilojoules go a long way, seeing as breastfeeding is basically the equivalent of boxing for an hour (let that free you up to eat whatever you want!). We included some Mayde Tea which is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. After all, being sick is the worst. Being sick whilst caring for a small child? Don’t get us started… Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, we’ve thrown in some delightfully cute bum cream to avoid nappy rash, a teether, bib and a muslin wrap. In short, everything you need for a happy bub!

3 - Delivered Diana

This new mum hamper will make your chosen mama feel pampered beyond belief! Picture this. At long last, she gets a bath. A soy wax candle burns gently in one corner. In one hand, is a glass of Rosé. If mama isn’t against a pump and dump, this first glass is like an oasis to a thirsty traveller (of course, the non-alcoholic option is available too). In her other hand is a square of Bahen & Co. raspberry and rose chocolate. She has just finished an organic wattleseed scrub, and feels like a new woman. The decadence of it all… and no one deserves it more than this queen! 

4 - Birthing Bernie

It's not easy being a mother, if it were easy, fathers would do it. Probably with less grace and elegance, but they would try nonetheless. ‘Cos it’s such a difficult task, we want to celebrate mums, and try to give them something to show how majestic they truly are! This new mum hamper swings for the fence, and offers just about everything a young mum could want: Alcohol-free cocktail, Lactation biccies, loose-leaf tea, a candle to make everything just seem that little bit calmer. And then for bub? Cream to get rid of that annoying nappy rash, a teether, bib, a muslin wrap. It’s pretty much got everything short of a live-in nanny. 

So to all the new mums out there, sincerely, we think you’re bloody brilliant. You deserve every little thing that comes your way in our hampers and more.

We salute you. And your bub is lucky to have you...