It’s 2024 and we all know ‘em. Maybe we are them. The ones who can find seven Easter eggs in every song she’s ever released, know exactly the guy each song she’s written is referring to, as well the exact outfit she was wearing when such-and-such a devastating event happened that inspired another record-breaking hit. They are known, affectionately, as Swifties, and we are of course referring to the cultural sensation that is Taylor Swift. 

She is, at this point, such a global phenomenon that we think we can delegate a Good Day People hamper to best represent some of her key albums. So if you are looking to find birthday hampers for an important someone, it isn’t too far fetched to find a hamper that speaks to an era they feel most connected to! So if you know anyone who is a die hard Swiftie, maybe this is the guide you need when trying to find them a gift!

Retrospectively, the youth of her breakout album, Taylor Swift, wreaks of innocence and optimism. Kinda like Fruity Fiona, don’t ya think? As she would have been just shy of Aussie drinking age at the time this album came out, we’ve made sure to pair it with a hamper that provides non-alcoholic options. Quick! Face masks on, chocolate unwrapped and non-alcoholic wine poured; Teardrops on My Guitar won’t play itself! 

The Tortured Poets Department is a wretched chronicle of heartache and depression. A messy and obstinate declaration of adulthood. This is an album that begs you to take a bottle of wine straight to the bathtub (the glass is superfluous), light a candle and drown your depression in ballads that announce your own feelings to you. So if Soulful Sally isn’t the accompanying hamper to this album, we might have to hang up our hats! Get real comfortable in the chaos of big feelings, and the dissection of a relationship pronounced dead post mortem.

There’s only one way to belt out an album with songs that include lyrics like Whisky on ice, sunset and vine, and that’s with the Whisky Wayne hamper! For those who have a strong affinity with Taylor’s more rebellious era (it’s me…hi!), the Reputation album should only be played alongside the accompanying whisky, jigger, macadamias (as salty as her sentiments), and chocolate of this (slightly less record-breaking) hit hamper. 

Know someone who’s feeling 22? Whether they’re feeling it, or turning it, we’ve got a birthday hamper that will fill the brief! If Red is the album that lights their fire, then whether it’s their birthday or they just need to eat ice cream and remind themselves that WE ARE NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER, give them the gift of the Jittery Jess hamper. With face masks, alcohol, chocolate, and fairy floss, we can think of no better way to ring in a birthday or a break up!

1989 is where Taylor’s sass starts being taken seriously. She is no longer tied at the hip with her guitar, or her country crooning, and is pushing sh*t out of the way to create (blank) space for herself in the pop music genre. If you know someone who resonates deeply with Swift’s 1989 era, then getting them the corresponding hamper is the only way to ensure there is no bad blood between the two of you! Sassy Sophie feels like a no-brainer, with goods that include Pablo & Rusty’s hot chocolate powder, Good Day chocolate, Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, and Wondaree macadamias. 

If it’s a birthday present, or a ‘just because’ gift for the die hard Swiftie in your life that you are looking for, we are only here to enable the addiction! Go load up Spotify and find the hamper that enriches the experience!