There’s something about giving a gift voucher as a birthday present that screams I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET YOU! And then - to decode that further - what they’re really saying is “I don’t know you well enough to know what to get you!” And look, we don’t want to trash gift cards completely. We provide them on site, after all! But we reckon if you’re tired of racking your brain trying to think of an appropriate gift for your friend/partner/parent/complete stranger you just met, you’re gonna find some great options that will have the recipient feeling as though you know them to their core. (And if that’s not the case, our lips are sealed!)

If you’ve scoured every collection and you’re reaaaaaally stuck, well, then we’ve done what we can. Go and order a gift card so that they can go pick out their own hamper! 

We deliver birthday hampers Sydney and beyond! So you can take your time choosing the right hamper, and you can leave the boring stuff to us. (Don’t worry - we’re very good at it!) 

If you’ve had a look through our collections and gotten decision paralysis from all the hampers we have available (you’re only human), we can help wet your pallet with a few of our best sellers! None of these are best sellers by coincidence. Have a read through some of them mentioned below to see what the collective appeal is, and then go check out the rest over in the Best Sellers collection on site!

Rosy Rebecca - anyone who tells you they wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end of this hamper is lying! She’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear and leave sweet somethings on your tongue. Rosé, Bahen & Co Raspberry & Rose chocolate, Fluffe…the included Travel candle is just to maintain the zen amidst the high that the sugar is otherwise sending you on. Tell me this is not better than a gift card!

Gourmet Greg - honestly, this one’s sexy. Go have a look at the images - prove me wrong! In case a verbal description does it for you, here’s the contents: red, white or non-alcoholic wine, Old Bones Chilli Oil, Olsson’s x Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin Salt, Bramble & Hedge Chai, Wild Fig & Raspberry Nougat, and Maya Sunny Honey: Macadamia Crunch. Droooooling!

Addictive Alex - name a more appropriately named hamper..we’ll wait. Here’s what makes Alex so addictive: Wondaree Macadamias, Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, Mount Zero olives, Bahen & Co Guatemala chocolate, and Misty’s Salted Caramel. Why give a gift card when you can fuel an addition instead!

Humorous Henry - this hamper is committed to good times and making sure you don’t resort to a gift card! Instead, he will offer you a gift that includes gin or a non-alcoholic spirit, 2x Midnight Mixers tonics, a Travel candle, and Wondaree macadamias. Better, right?

Brewing Braden - is for anyone who spends their time between coffees thinking about their next coffee. Easy to see why he’s a best seller! His contents include 2x Mr Black Espresso Martinis, Bahen & Co Colombian Coffee Chocolate, and a Travel candle.

Once you’ve found us, buying birthday presents is not going to be the chore it once was. You'll be so spoilt for choice you'll forget gift cards were ever an option. You don’t even need to worry if you don’t live close to the recipient of your gift, we’ll deliver birthday hampers Sydney and all around Australia! Check out our best sellers and some of our more unsung heroes to find your next gift!