When the Gift Needs to Be More Sizeable Than a Bottle of Wine but Less Than a Holiday to the Maldives

Ok, so it bears saying that Good Day People hampers are probably closer to a bottle of wine-sized gift than an international holiday-sized gift, on the spectrum. However, we are prepared to stake something small and relatively insignificant on the chances that the reaction to Good Day People gift baskets will be on par with that of an international holiday. No need to let us know either way really…we’re comfortable sitting within the ignorance of this assumption!

Even though the requirements of this gift extend beyond a bottle of wine, we would be remiss not to point out all of our gift baskets that include it…and much more! Here are a few of our favourite hampers that deliver the vino…and the rest.

Sociable Sasha knows a good time because she IS a good time! She’ll get the party started with a bottle of wine (red, white non-alcoholic or pet nat of your choosing), a Ferm Living Ripple Carafe set, Black Blaze candle, Bahen & Co Madagascar chocolate, Addition Studio Bath Soak, Addition Studio Body Scrub, and 2x bottled Taylor & Smith cocktails. 

Sharer Sarah might find she’s not so willing to share on this occasion! And honestly? Can’t say we blame her! Here is what she will *not* be sharing: a bottle of red or white wine, or rosé (of your choosing), Taka Gin, Mr Black Espresso Martini, Bramble & Hedge Sticky Date Caramel Nougat, Wondaree Macadamias, a Maison Blanche candle, Good Day Chocolate, and a packet of Fluffe. There’s enough to go around, but no judgment if it doesn’t get that far!

What’s there not to be joyous about when chocolate and wine are in high supply? Joyous Jordan makes sure there’s no reason to cry, with contents that include a bottle of wine (red, white, non-alcoholic or pet nat of your choosing), a Black Blaze candle, Bramble & Hedge Chai Wild Fig and Raspberry Nougat, and Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate. 

Noble Neil is a quiet achiever, and wow, is he about to make someone’s day an exceptionally good one! Including a bottle of Minimum wine (red or white of your choosing), a bottled Taylor & Smith cocktail, Good Day chocolate, and Wondaree Macadamias, there’s no way to lose with him.

Soulful Sally is a girl who, if there were degrees given in self-care, would graduate with honours every time! Containing a bottle of red or white wine, or rosé (of your choosing), Bahen & Co Milk Chocolate, and Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub, it’s straight to the bathtub for the recipient of this gift basket!

Warm Whitney is all about that wine,,,but she’s no basic b*tch! Alongside a bottle of Minimum red wine, she’s loaded with a Mulled Wine Kit that will make all your wintry dreams come true. The travel Candle and Bahen & Co House Blend Chocolate that are included inside are the pies de resistance to a glorious colder night in! 

It’s no return ticket to the Maldives, but it also comes with zero chance of jetlag, so who’s the real winner here? Gifting a Good Day People hamper will guarantee (no prizes here) a Good Day! With the opportunity to include additional extras within the hamper you choose, the lavishness of the gift is really up to you! We must apologise to your bank account, however; we get the sense that a bottle of wine is never gonna cut it again…

Cheers! Here’s to gifts that rise to the occasion and make it a Good Day.