Airbnb Host? Here’s a Feature That Will Elevate You Above the Others

It’s fairly customary for an Airbnb host, or hotel staff, to leave something in the accomodation to welcome their guests. Usually it’s a bottle of wine, or on special occasions, champagne. Whilst this is a very welcome addition to the holiday experience, at this point, it is almost expected. What wouldn’t be expected? A welcome hamper. Or, more specifically (and surely unsurprisingly) a Good Day People hamper!

So, do you want to maintain (or increase) your host rating? Have a look through our range of hampers!

If you have an airbnb in Australia’s sunny Brisbane, it would make sense to choose a hamper, Brisbane, that will compliment the glorious weather. We have a variety that will do that in spades! Here are a couple of them: 

Beery Barry - because what screams summer louder than knocking back a few cold ones while watching the surf roll in?

Beachy Bella - same deal. No one does coastal life better than Queensland! Along with a coupl’a tinnies, there’s also a towel included! 

Any Airbnb hosts in Melbourne should be capitalising on everything good about the city. Food, coffee, art…is there any other reason to go?? We have a few hampers that represent the cultural epicentre of the country down to the ground! 

Gourmet Greg - say no more, right? Gourmet is his name, and gourmet is his game! Your guests can enjoy premium products without even leaving their abode!

Warm Whitney - Melbourne has a reputation for being a bit chilly. This hamper will have your guests covered like a blanket!

Caffeinated Carla - will have your guests sorted in the caffeine department! Whether they’re in the Airbnb or out, they will not be short of a quality cup of Jo. 

The Northern Territory would be an incredible place to holiday! With incomparable insight into our country’s origins, we have hampers that will amplify the experience. Here’s an example: 

Aussie Ash - is made up of products from First Nations small businesses. No better to absorb the culture than by offering your guests a selection of goodies from our country’s First Peoples! 

If your Airbnb resides in South Australia, we’ve got hampers with all the wine and then some! Same with Tasmania; your guests can experience the best of the region before they even depart the residence! Here are some hampers that are particularly wine-centric: 

Chiller Charlie - the south end of the country is a hustle and bustle-free zone. No better way to enjoy the simpler things with this hamper.

Salty Simon - SA and Tassie are known for their unparalleled fresh seafood. What better to compliment this than a hamper with vino, pasta, gin salt and chilli oil?

If you own an Airbnb in Sydney then you’re basically a multi-millionaire at this point, and we’re not one bit jealous. You know what will go great with panoramic views of the harbour? We’ll show you:

Casual Clare - has all the swanky things your guests will expect from their high rise harbour view Sydney stay!

Disco Diana - knows a good time because she is a good time! And that’s the only reason you come to Sydney, right?!

Western Australia is supposed to have some of the best beaches in the world. And when the state is situated perfectly for magnificent sunsets, we are not arguing! Anyone who comes to stay at your Airbnb in WA is in for a treat. Here’s how we help with that:

Relaxed Rachel - is heavy on the self-care, and we can’t think of a better way to enjoy a Western Australian sunset than followed with a bit of pampering. 

We have a hamper for every occasion and every home for hire. Hampers Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne…anywhere in Australia, would all enjoy!