It’ll be a time-heavy exercise

With so many hampers to choose from, there is nothing time-efficient about landing on our site. Never mind that the time you lose scouring our enormous collection, you will gain back in the efficiency of selecting a gift from the comfort of the loo (yes, we’re talking to you!), and having it packaged and delivered straight to the recipient. That’s completely beside the point. 

There are too many to choose from

Have you ever had decision-debilitation from too much choice? Yeah…us too. Sometimes being spoilt for choice is not the kind of spoilt you want to be. Yet here you are. So, heed our warning! Should you go ahead to source a hamper from our various collections, you will very likely end up with more possibilities than you were hoping for!

You are setting the bar too high

You never wanna be known for your elite ability to give gifts. Why? Because you will be held to that standard with every passing occasion thereafter; be it birthdays, Christmas, farewell, anniversaries or baby announcements. Give a Good Day People hamper to someone once, and the precedent is set. You are now, for better or for worse, the premium gift-giver. It’s a helluva reputation to live up to!

It will cause a huge decline in imagination

Isn’t the fun of buying gifts in where - and what - you’re going to choose?! No?? Believe it or not, there are some people who actually enjoy this conundrum. Yeah we don’t get it either. So for that micro-niche of people, we sincerely apologise for taking the complexity (or…fun?!) out of the process for you!

Our subscription service will be a surefire memory duller

With the opportunity to subscribe to our gift hamper service, we are robbing you of the opportunity to keep your memory sharp. Have a partner that appreciates that you actually remember the anniversary of your wedding, or first kiss, or first “I love you”? We are not helping. That said, the opportunity to remember these important dates also comes with the opportunity to fail at it, so which is the lesser of two evils, really? 

It will develop your palate 

Not everyone likes to expand their culinary horizons. With the inclusion of goods of many small businesses around Australia, anyone who is the recipient of a Good Day People hamper will almost certainly be trying something they haven’t before! And who likes to do that? Whether it’s Misty’s Salted Caramel, Bahen & Co chocolate, Zeal lavosh bites, or Minimum wine, trying new things can only lead to a developed palate, and, really, disaster. 

You will be supporting small businesses

Why lend your support to small businesses when you can keep the dollars in big corporations? Jeff Bezos could use your $60 to grow his shoelace collection (what else would he be spending his ginormous disposable income on?!). So refrain from giving small businesses a leg up, and make sure to let Amazon sort out all your gifting needs to help maintain the current economic world order! 

You don’t actually like the person you are shopping gifts for

Look, we call ourselves Good Day People for a reason…we’re in the business of ensuring them! So if you are looking for a gift to spite its recipient, or make their day immeasurably worse, then we should be avoided at all costs! You will only find good things inside any of our hampers - so make a sharp left at the nearest exit if this is not what you are after.