Empty Esky Erin

$79 $90

Summer of 2020 was a brutal time for many Australians with some of the worst bushfires this country has ever seen. We thought it was only right that we teamed up with Empty Esky to help support businesses impacted by the bushfires. It’s a Good Day for everyone with Empty Esky Erin!

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

Scion After Dark

A semi-sweet fortified Durif. Perfect with dark chocolate or hard cheeses, served chilled or at room temperature. Good Day People has been lucky enough to secure some of the last bottles of this delicious drop given the vineyard was affected by the summer bushfires of 2020. 

Junee Triple Chocolate Coated Almonds

We are nuts about Junee’s triple chocolate covered almonds. With milk, dark and white chocolate coated roasted almonds you won’t know when to stop!

Tambo Valley Honey

Bee Keeper Ben Murphy had only purchased Tambo Valley Honey 18 months prior to the New Year’s Eve bushfires which destroyed over 200 hives. With the rebuild of the hives, this East Gippsland yellow box honey is like nothing else!

The Alpine Sauce Co Memphis Sauce

After the bushfires, the restaurant in Bright, Victoria was unable to reopen. As the team made the “pivot” of 2020, they decided to make delicious BBQ sauces. This Memphis sauce is the perfect balance of sweet, spice and all things nice.

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