Carolling Candice


‘Tis the season to be jolly and sing awful Christmas carols! Carolling Candice is your ultimate pal to bring the Christmas cheer and love this silly season.

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

Scion After Dark

A semi-sweet fortified Durif. Perfect with dark chocolate or hard cheeses, served chilled or at room temperature. Good Day People has been lucky enough to secure some of the last bottles of this delicious drop given the vineyard was affected by the summer bushfires of 2020. 

Breramilano Mini Chocolate Chip Panettone

We get it, dried fruit isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, hence why we couldn’t help but opt for this deliciously light and fluffy chocolate chip panettone from Milan, Italy. Doesn’t get more real deal than this. Deliziosa!

Wondaree Chocolate Macadamias

We are nuts about Wondaree Macadamias. Grown on the Atherton Tablelands in sunny Queensland by Greg and Wendy. Nuts and chocolate, no one needs convincing unless you are anaphylactic! The range is roasted then coated in delicious, rich chocolate.

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