Laughing Lydia


You will always hear Lydia before you see her. Laughing out loud with the occasional snort. She is the ultimate wing woman who enjoys long walks to the fridge to grab a G&T. Perfect for that person who is hanging for a drink at 12:01pm.

All our gift options come with a unique Good Day Profile - a fun and introductory card to showcase every product contained in each gift.

The Horse Watch: The Original

We don’t subscribe to trends and we don’t follow the rules of what looks good today - remember when three quarter pants were cool? These epic timeless timepieces will ensure you have the best wrist in town.

Blush Leather / Polished Rose Gold: Features include a rose gold stainless steel case, white dial with minimalist rose gold markers, and a blush genuine leather band.

Tan Leather / Matte Black: Features include a matte black stainless steel case, white dial with minimalist black markers, and a tan genuine leather band.

Tan Leather / Polished Steel: Features include a stainless steel case, white dial with minimalist silver markers, and a tan genuine leather band. This leather will inherently pick up marks and stains and darken with everyday wear.

All Black: Features include a matte black stainless steel case, black dial with minimalist white markers, and a black genuine leather band.

Better Half Chardonnay Pinot Noir

(750ml) Let us introduce a little sparkler that’s got what it takes to get the party started. Sourced from the Yarra Valley, this fine drop offers rich pickings when it comes to prime parcels for top-class sparkling wines. Drinking these classy bubbles feels like Friday night, every night.

Love Can 6 x 250ml: Gin & Tonic, Vodka Yuzu Soda, Negroni Spritz

Gin & Tonic: Finally, a bar-quality G&T in a can. With punchy juniper-forward gin – locally distilled in Sydney - and subtle hints of bergamot, grapefruit, & premium cinchona, this isn’t just a one night stand, it’s a love for the ages. A romance you can take home to the family, take to the movies - take anywhere.

Vodka Yuzu Soda: Vodka Lime & Soda - Fortunately, Love Can swapped out the lime with fresh Japanese yuzu juice and paired it with a custom-made apple & chamomile distilled vodka - adding crisp, sweet undertones, without the extra calories that could eventually ruin your life. This is the same pub classic you grew up with, only now it’s delicious.

Negroni Spritz: This is the perfect romance of Strawberry Gin, Orange Aperitivo and tangy Mildura lemons. With the complexity, depth, the balance of a Negroni and the lightness of a spritz, this is a simple drink, made complicated, made simple again.

Addition Studio Australian Native Body Scrub

(250g) With native ground wattleseed, pink ochre, blue cypress & macadamia oil, this recipe which sounds good enough to eat (but don’t), leaves an invigorating and energizing body scrub experience. You’ll scrub up well - we are sure of it!

Addition Studio Australian Native Bath Soak

(75g) With its native white ochre, zeolite clay, kunzea and fragonia essential oils, this is the perfect mix for a relaxing and enlightening detox experience. Note: Bath and water not included.

Hey Bud Mask

Hey Bud is Australia’s no.1 hemp clay mask giving your skin a natural high! By adding hemp seed oil the clay mask acts as a moisturiser to firm, rejuvenate and tighten your skin while leaving it supple, plump and luscious. Who doesn’t want that?

Hey Tiger And Chill Chocolate

(95g) Hey Tiger makes it a Good Day as they help fund female-led community development projects in Ghana. And Chill is crazy delicious and raring to meet you on the couch for a night in. Dark salted cocoa crumb and roasted macadamia in glorious white chocolate.

Huntress and Co Candle

A fresh sophisticated fragrance of black orchid, jasmine and ylang ylang with woody base notes and a hint of thyme and black pepper. These candles are 100% soy and hand poured in Gippsland. With a 35 hour burn time, these gorgeous amber jars will fill your home with the outdoors.

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